02 January 2013

Go for it...

Stanley James Robinson
     This is the only photo I had of my father, Stanley James Robinson (Stick).  He was born November 5, 1951, first born to Conrad J Robinson and Susan Ann Willis(CJ & Nanna Sue).  His parents were divorced in 1968, well before I was born, and his father returned to Arkansas, Susan and their three sons remained in California.  I was only about six years old when my father passed.      
     I remember as a child, looking through Nanna Sue's photo album and seeing pictures of my dad and uncles as kids. Sadly, those albums would be thrown out while my elderly grandma was moving years later.  I had no hope of ever seeing photos of my dad after that.
    In April of 2011 I decided to start a tree for my dads side of the family. I didn't know too much but I decided to go for it anyway. I found an Obituary for my grandpa and decided to google the names on the funeral program. I found a facebook page for one of the pallbearers and contacted him. Turns out he wasn't related, but a fellow church member and he told me who to contact. I found out that my grandpa had remarried and had more children. I had an aunt and uncle I didn't even know about! I sent sent her a message on facebook and she was great! She gave me lots of information for my family tree (more than she probably even knows, as last names and pieces of names can go along way in root digging). 
     Right around Christmas 2012, (last week) my Aunt went and got photo albums and scanned pictures of my dad and grandparents. Merry Christmas to me! LOL! I am and will forever be grateful for my Aunt taking the time to send me these photos. Being as young as I was when my father passed, I have limited, though vivid memories of him. Seeing the photos, my memories were validated, as he looked just like I remember him in the older photos.
My Daddy

     I thank God for technology, the kindness of strangers, and long lost relatives, even those you didn't know you had! I admit, I was a lil nervous to contact a stranger initially, but I'm glad I listened to my intuition (perhaps it was my ancestors nudging?) and not my fear. I listened to the voices in my head telling me to go for it, and now I have photos to accompany the stories I intend to pass along to my son, my nephew and those to come, AND I have found family I hope to meet in person one day.

Dad, Uncle Conrad, Uncle Bruce

 Sitting: Nanna Sue, Uncle Bruce, CJ
Standing: Uncle Conrad, Stanley(Dad).



  1. I think you were right about the ancestors giving you a nudge. Seek and ye shall find. Very happy you were able to come by pictures of your dad.