09 July 2012


    This blog is dedicated to sharing what I unravel while I dig up the roots in my father's family trees. I hesitated for years to start working on this side of my family, only because I felt I knew so little. To my surprise, I knew more than I thought. I have been able to connect with family I didn't know existed and begin the journey to learn more about the people from whom my father (and I) have come from.
     While some cannot fathom why anyone would be interested in "looking for them dead people" as some of my fam & friends put it, I feel alot can be learned about oneself and ones family from looking at the past. Amazingly, I feel like I actually "know" some of my ancestors and those of my friends I have helped to uncover.  Searching for and reading through old documents while chasing ancestors through time, I often feel like they are trying to tell me something.  It's as if they left clues scattered about to tell their stories, and it is up to me to hunt for the pieces and put the puzzle together. A treasure hunt of sorts...
      I've always loved puzzles, and have always been very inquisitive (or nosy!lol) , so I guess it was meant to be. What I absolutely <3 (and sometimes loathe) about genealogy is that every answer seems to give birth to new questions.  New questions that lead to new treasures. So next time someone asks me why I'm looking for "them dead people", I can tell them the dead said to keep doing what I'm doing on my treasure hunt to discover the people who contributed to the makings of me.    

Stay tuned... Rachel Starr(with the extra r) ... :)